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Latin: Canna dea: (the nymph Syrinx) - Canna: small, thin reed - Dea: Goddess

  The name comes from a Greek legend about Syrinx en Pan

Syrinx was a beautiful Arcadian river nymph. She is described in the metamorphosis of Ovidius. Pan,
a god born with goatpaws, horn and a hairy upper body was teased at the Olympusmountain. so he left the world of gods and established him self in Arcadië. He is the god of the forests and fields and
is associated with nature generally. In these forests he did only three things: play his flute, pursued nymphs and stamp his feet to scare people at the point of death.
On day he fell in love with the waternymph Syrinx. To escape him she fled through the wilderness and came at last to Ladon’s peaceful sandy stream, and there, her flight barred by the river.
She begged Artemis to change her; and, when Pan thought he had captured her, he held instead only the tall marsh reeds, and, while he sighed, the soft wind stirring in the reeds sent forth a thin and plaintive sound; and he, entranced by this new music and its witching tones, cried ‘You and I shall stay in unison!’ And waxed together reeds of different lengths and made the pipes which he called
the Syrinx, in memory of the Nymph.

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