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Manitoba Brennan Under The Red Sky

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Pedigree Brennan

Sir: Bright Flower's Elegant Danish Boy

Dam: Shaggy Toller's Angel Anabel

Curriculum vitae (CV)

DOB: 2-3-1997

  † 30-07-1998

Reg: NHSB 2117194

Country of Origine: Netherlands


On april 26th 1997 as 8 week old puppy Brennan came to live with us, the same day he began to have blood mixed in his urine, and the vet thought it was due to a bladder infection, however after treatment for a possible infection the problem remained. After a visit to a veterinair clinic  he was diagnosed ectopic ureter that caused (hydro nefrose). He had surgery at 16 weeks old to correct the ureter placement. but his kidney's where to much damaged that he only lived till the age of one year and five months. 30-07-1998 Brennan was (put to sleep) becauce he only had 20% of his kidney's working and became very ill. 

Riverdance Kelvin Under The Red Sky,

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Pedigree Kelvin

Sir: Red Tollers van See

Dam: Oona Topanga Under The Red Sky

Curriculum vitae (CV)

DOB: 11-6-1998

† 13-8-2009

Reg:NHSB 2195818


Weight: 22 kg

Height: 47 cm

DNA (Optigen) prcd-PRA: affected




One week after Brennan died we where offered a new Under the Red Sky Puppy. We called him Kelvin. He has a typical temperment of a toller, playful and outspoken he loves to retrieve and swim. Unfortunally he was diagnosed prcd-PRA and at the age of 7 began to show symtoms of retina degenaration. He didn't want to sleep in the livingroom anymore as he did befor so we took him upstairs to sleep with us in the bedroom. He also developed Spondylose and for serveral years he did well on dietfood mobility suport from Royan canin and spondyvetsem from VSM. In 2007 he had surgery to remove an anal gland tumor.
Kelvin passed away on thursday august 13th 2009 16:45 life was too much of a struggle for him that we had to grant him the merciful boom of eternal rest.

...should the great Master see fit to deprive me of my health or sight, do not turn me away from you. Rather hold me gently in your arms as skilled hands grant me the merciful boom of eternal rest and I will leave you knowing with the last breath I drew,
my fate was ever safest in your hands....
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Marcel and Jolanda Achterberg, Reeuwijk, The Netherlands
E-mail: decoydog@hetnet.nl